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Piercing Advice

  • Clean 2 -3 times a day with a saline soak, gently remove any crusting with a cotton pad

  • Clean using a saline solution only! do not use any other products

  • Come back for a check up and downsizing at 6 weeks

  • Wait 6 months before attempting to change the jewellery yourself

  • if replacing the jewellery yourself, check which metals are used, Titanium / Gold / Silver are recommended. Other metals may cause discoloration and irritation.

Saline Soak

Heat saline until warm (not boiling) and with a clean cup or bowl submerge the area for 5 minutes. Rinse with clean cold water and dry with a clean cotton pad. try and do this 2 - 3 times a day.

As your healing progresses, after 3 weeks you can reduce the cleaning to once per day. However if you have a flare up of swelling due to a knock or irritation go back to a more regular cleaning regime.

Ears / Nostrils / Septum

  • Expect swelling! A warm compress and/or regular saline soaks can help reduce inflammation

  • Some weeping and crusting is to be expected, yellow / white / clear is usual.

  • Pain and tenderness can last from 3 months - 1 year depending on the person and location of the piercing.

  • Avoid sleeping on, twisting or touching your new piercing

  • You may place a plaster over your nostril piercing while sleeping to avoid accidentally losing it in your sleep.


Tongue & Oral

  • Expect extreme swelling! Pain and tenderness in lower jaw and base of teeth, difficulty eating/talking

  • Stay hydrated!

  • Get a new toothbrush! gently brush tongue and base of piercing

  • Lip piercings - clean outside with saline

  • Rinse twice a day with alcohol free mouthwash, also after every meal / smoking, Get a travel sized mouthwash and keep with you at all times.

  • Swelling can be reduced with ice cubes

  • Avoid: hot, spicy & citrus foods / Alcohol / Oral sex. Allow food to cool to room temperature for first 2 weeks

Navel & Nipples

  • Expect swelling, pain and tenderness

  • Some weeping and crusting is to be expected, yellow / white / clear is usual

  • Avoid wearing clothing that may cause friction, e.g high waisted trousers/skirts, tight/lace bras & tops

  • Navel - avoid abdominal exercising for 3 weeks

  • Nipples - cover piercing with a plaster and wear a comfortable sports bra while exercising

  • No touching/playing with or bodily fluids on piercing until jewellery has been downsized


  • Small amounts of blood and crusting yellow / white / clear is usual

  • For the first 3 weeks the skin tissue will be regenerating, be careful with your dermal during this period as it can be easily pulled out, cover with a plaster while you sleep or doing any activity that may cause contact with it

  • Avoid make up / fake tan or any other products

After Care

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