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Celebrating our 10th Anniversary on July 4th! 

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On July 4th we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary! To thank all your lovely faces for supporting us over the years we will be tattooing and piercing all day in exchange for donations to Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home. There will be a small minimum donation applied (details below) however there is no limit, we would like raise as much money as possible and we will match whatever we raise.

Tattoos for donations will only be available to clients who have been tattooed by us before! Piercing will be open to everyone


  • We will be piercing for a minimum donation of £2 to EDCH

  • We will be offering single piercings only!

  • One piercing per person!

  • Pre booked appointments only!

  • Appointments will become available online at 6pm on 2nd July!

  • Age 14 + Under 16's will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian, 16 - 25's must bring a valid I.D


  • ​Our artist will be offering the designs below for a minimum donation of £5 per hour of tattooing.

  • To qualify you Must have been tattooed by us before, first come first served!

  • Only applies if tattooed on July 4th! Over 18's only! I.D will be required.

  • These design will go fast Contact the studio to book in.

  • Designs are not open to changes or additions, must be taken as they are!


6 hour tattoo - minimum donation £30

Around 25cm in height


6 hour tattoo - minimum donation £30

Around 25cm in height


Minimum donation £12.50

Minimum donation £7.50

Minimum donation £7.50

2024cee3-458d-44f0-8e9d-5cd143c459ae 2.jpg

Minimum donation £15

5d20bee0-a7a6-442a-9e21-4b5305012f04 2.jpg

Minimum donation £15

  • Eyes and flick knife - 9cm £10 Donation

  • Brick cross/ladder - 9cm £10 Donation

  • Playboy barbed wire - 7cm £5 Donation

  • Tribal heart - 8cm £10 Donation

  • Neo-tribal pattern - 11cm £15 Donation

  • FTW cobra head - 12cm £15 Donation

  • Cherries - 4cm £5 Donation

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